::LARGE:: Forest Snowman Pottery Bowl, Appetizer Bowl, Spoon Rest


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"I’m still the girl in pigtails with the handmade hat and mittens, just waiting to build her next snowman.” ― R.B. O'Brien

This one-of-a-kind Forest Snowman pottery bowl is about 1"H x 5.5"W. This will bring a smile to your face and anyone else that sees it! Each one is an original design, so bowls vary slightly with illustration. Use this versatile bowl for dips or by the stove while you cook or a special wall hanging house warming gift! The uses are up to your imagination.

Great gift for every type of occasion!
This unique bowl is hand built in Colorado, with an original CabinPress Studio carved design {copywright 2015} on red stoneware. and decorated with colorful multiple glazes and underglazes. Electric fired to cone 6. Food safe. Dishwasher safe. Limit prolonged microwave use as the clay can get too hot. Be careful! Never use directly on stovetop.