About Us

“Follow your dreams, they know the way.” Kobe Yamada

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others . . . Petals & Papers is an ode to Cut Flowers, of course; but also to our inclination for an era forgotten in some ways, to get back to the land with our “old-fashioned” hobbies (as our family and friends jokingly refer to them). A lifestyle that includes living off the grid high in the Colorado Rockies, gardening, 4×5 black and white photography, SX-70 Polaroid cameras, and producing one-of-a-kind Letterpress products. We hope you’ll take a step back with us, just for a moment, to savor the simple things too.

Doug : Introverted Realist

The partner beside the farmer! Doug has been a steady supporter of my farming and printing dreams and always lends a hand whenever possible. His mechanical skills and creative problem solving are always a welcome contribution. Whether it is moving a 1000 pound printing press or running a rototiller in rock hard soil, Petals & Papers would only be an idea without Doug.

Torrey : Extroverted Optimist

Torrey joined our family in June, 2018. She is our gal who wants everyone to be her best friend forever, a true Golden that sheds and retrieves, literally! She loves every living being, if you throw her ball, and only wants their love and undivided attention for ball throwing, in return. Balls are her life . . . gardening, not so much!


Denise : Extroverted Idealist

I’m the daydreamer behind the words and images. I dream of growing this place full of flowers and adventures, along with luscious printed items, hot of the press. I’m a morning person, I wake with the sun to move this dream forward. I hope to give back to my community as I have a huge space in my heart for cancer ‘warriors’. I’m reminded daily that the simplest things are the happiest things, like when my hands are in the dirt or all “inky”. 


Meet our work horse, Sequoia! We love our Chandler & Price letterpresses. She is a hardworking pre-1910 beauty, and does the vast majority of our printing. We’ve posted a glamour shot here.