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Jun 25
today is tuesday :: let’s meet her!

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Tuesday_illustration1 With our new website up & functioning I am surprised how many folks have been asking about the behind the scenes details and how everything came about. First, let me say it has been A LOT of work, but bigger than that: IT WAS WORTH IT, thanks to the team at  GhostlyFerns , I also was drawn to the name since I love plants! Just a word of caution: don’t pick a designer just because you like the name!! You see I started my “researching” last year on small business design companies that loved working with other small businesses and produced “out of this world” beautiful, artistic and fun websites and did not charge “out of this world” prices. I looked at literally 100’s of blogs and websites of artists, not just letterpress printers, followed all the links to who developed each site. Narrowed it down to a very small tiny hand full and then got in touch and personally spoke to each small business owner and talked about recommendations and things they learned during the process. I read lots of articles about rebranding, relaunching, redoing, etc… it was important to me to start with a fresh new logo. That brings me to today & Tuesday Bassen, illustrator extraordinaire. Once I made the big {for Me} decision to jump into this entire re-design, I have to admit I did have days of non-sleep with anticipation of what someone that I did not know, and may I add — did not have a clue on who I was either — 1000’s of miles away, coming up with a new logo I would fall in love with. It was truly an evolving, growing process and after my initial “OMG, this is too “cutesy” for the CabinPress Studio brand and not wanting to be the client from hell, I really feel a nice balance of professional yet lighthearted and fun brand has been achieved. Tuesday’s name is truly as unique as her work, visit her Tuesday-is-playday blog and Etsy Shop. We are proud of our new Logo and would love to hear what you think!



4 thoughts on “today is tuesday :: let’s meet her!

  1. susan black says:

    fascinating – a great leap !

  2. denise says:

    the logo looks amazing – as I would expect nonetheless from the crew at ghostly ferns!

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