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Aug 20
:: the markets ::

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chocolate I was on a quest for chocolate and coffee beans. Something that is so very plentiful here in Colorado! I wanted the “real” thing and luckily I found it. I absolutely loved the short time I spent at the San Pedro Market. I happened to stumble upon this huge market near downtown Cusco, and what a find! Row after row of textiles, followed by rows of butchers market_collage

(Not being a meat eater, I, as with most Americans are certainly not used to seeing pigs heads, entrails, and organ meats prominently displayed!), then fruits & vegetables, cheeses, chocolates, coffee, and in the back were dozens of restaurants.  I never did figure out what that brush was for by the pigs heads, hummmm….. The vendors greeted me like we were long lost friends and I did not even speak the native language, but am a good smiler + pointer!  What a wonderful experience. Think of it as the ultimate farmers market. Meat, veggies, fruits, herbs with a huge fresh juice section as well as a massive section in the rear where vendors cook and sell food. Great opportunity to get amongst the locals, finally.  Some fantastic photo opportunities. They also have wonderful, dirt cheap 100% cocoa chocolate. My mission was complete and I found some beautifully packaged chocolate with stunning hand illustrated labels, a designers dream! I also came to find out coffee beans were rare due to the fact that most people do not own a coffee grinder. Not far from the Plaza de Armas, across the street from San Pedro church and San Pedro train station. The mercado was certainly a fantastic place to spend an hour, I wish I had the entire day, but I was so nervous I would not remember how to get back to the hotel + my entire group would continue on without me. It was a great adventure! What is your favorite “home” or “abroad” market?


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  1. Courtney says:

    That chocolate looks delicious!

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