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Jun 17
ready :: set :: relaunch!

CabinPress announcements, Technology
rocket_launching Well, I am truly busting at the seams for the CabinPress Studio launch of our new website any day now!  Just so you know this definitely did not happen over night! So for the next few days I want to spend some time talking about my rebranding process or as I’m calling it “The Raising of the Cabin” ha! I was lucky enough to work with three amazing designers at Ghostly Ferns, the name itself makes me smile. Be sure to show them some love and like their Facebook page too! So … as most of you have seen right now I’ve had a rebrand and facelift to our  logo/website/blog {now called The Log} and we now have our very own small business Facebook page, please head on over and Like Us! It has been quite a ride and I can’t wait to share it with you. Have you ever undertaken something huge that you are so very proud of?


2 thoughts on “ready :: set :: relaunch!

  1. susan black says:

    OMG !!!!! I can’t stay to properly browse around but it looks freakin’ fantastic.
    Well done you !! much love, Susan & gang

  2. CabinPress says:

    thanks for your kind words dear Susan … I am counting the days until I see your creation too.

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