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Sep 20
:: the people & hats::

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Peru GoldenNow that our website seems to be working again it is back to posting some of my favorite photos from the Peru Adventure, yippeee! I noticed Peru had a lot of female Law Enforcement Officers and was told by our guide that “woman are much more trustworthy and do not take bribes”, interesting. It just seems natural that one should always respect the Law Personnel (Police Officers). In Peru, the most common word to call a police officer is “Jefe” (which means boss). I tried my hardest to respect this team of Officers, but …. I could not do it! Those of you wondering if this is Moose’s Peruvian cousin, I will leave you guessing. I will tell you his (the Golden Retriever) job was “Drug Dog”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA While in Peru, whether it was visiting the Inca archeological site of Sacsayhuaman (Socksie Human – or as the men would say “Sexy Woman”), climbing the pathways of Machu Picchu, or roaming the streets and markets everyone seemed to be doing something to earn a living. The most prominent way I noticed (because I became obsessed with taking photos of hats), to get a nice photo with (semi) smiling faces was for me to ask to have their picture taken and then pay a small amount. Otherwise I got a lot of photos of the back of heads – remember I mentioned I took over 1500 photos, now you know why! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One thing that always interested me was the fact that all the women wore hats, especially in the open markets and streets. This photo proves the point. It was taken in the open market when we visited Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. These are beautiful people with lovely hats. This woman is selling the local corn. Peru grows something like 300 different varieties of corn and they have the largest kernels anywhere. Have you ever had salted corn nuts which are sold in the candy department of convenience stores? If not, go take a look at them some time and see how large the kernels are. The corn may come from Peru. 

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