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Jul 2
hiking candy surprise!

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turkey_jerky After hiking over a hundred miles last year along the Colorado Trail we have become connoisseurs of turkey jerky. Getting ready for the continuation of hundreds of miles this year of course I just had to get my hands on more Bulk Beef Jerky’s Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey, it is to die for! I thought my order had been made in plenty of time but I received an email from Ramone D Davis, CEO, who kindly told me they are so overwhelmed with orders ours would maybe arrive in a few weeks. I started thinking, oh my, can I really hike a hundred miles without it? I wrote to Mr. Davis as quickly as I could and told him our story and pretty much begged for some Turkey jerky, well it arrived, it is packed, and a few pieces seem to be missing….. {they were yummy…. shhhhh, wink, wink}. Well, in today’s mail look what surprise arrived, we love snail mail and this gourmet turkey jerky was a fabulous package to open! I do have to admit,  these succulent and tender strips of turkey meat take my taste buds to new heights, but my all time favorite is still the Cherry Maple. I betcha D or Moose might be chowing down on these though, what do you think? I love the directions:    Open your mouth, insert jerky, chew and smile. Thanks again Ramone for the surprise. We would love to have you share what made you smile today?

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