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Sep 28
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Peruvian hat Saving some of my favorite hats until last. Hats. Don’t you love the colors! The soul of Lake Titicaca lies on the unique Taquile Island that is blessed with the natural backdrop of Bolivia’s Mountain Range and a hilly landscape. The people of Taquile island have their distinct dress, influenced by Catalunyas’ Sadarnas (Spanish traditional wear). We were lucky enough to have lunch on the island, where they shared with us their local food and costume. I found that the hats are always colorful with long tassels in all the colors of the rainbow. Also, in Peru, you can identify each man’s community by the colors and designs in his knitted woolen hat. You can also distinguish if he is married or single and what position he holds in the community by his hat. This young man was single …. tassel on the right!  I say use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words … What do you think? I would love to hear about a favorite photograph that you have taken.

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