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Jan 5
Getting Ready.

Therapy Dogs

My human mom is getting ready for the real thing! All I can say is she will look really sharp in her new, crisp, red shirt. We have officially become Paws For Tales volunteers for Poudre School District. Did I tell you that the “tailor” stopped by the house to fit me for my Therapy Dog Vest that will be made to fit just me … I am hoping my tail does not make my butt look big!
Mom heads for training at Dunn Elementary School tomorrow. I think, from what I am hearing is that she will learn the ropes, come home and tell me, then each and every Wednesday we get to have K-3rd graders read to me. I am not aloud to correct them, just listen. I am a very good listener.

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  1. Totally fantastic!! Best of luck with your first day Moose! I do want to hear all about it! Katie and I tested to become a therapy team and didn’t quite pass the first time around after Katie jumped on the lap of the wheelchair tester. We’re both too happy and friendly. But I bet in a year or two we will be just right to become a therapy team!!

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