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Jun 15

Michelle’s concentration amazed me!

The design Michelle came up with printed perfectly as a photopolymer plate, what a fun creation.
Ahhh… Printers Black ink, a favorite here at CabinPress Studio
That describes this Curiosity Letterpress Workshop! I love getting to know participants and how their Letterpress Love came about and Michelle truly had a special story…. when we first spoke over the phone she told me how she watched Typeface on PBS, one of my favorite documentaries telling the story of a rural Midwestern museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique of making “type”.
I felt so at home and excited to have Michelle travel to CabinPress Studio for her Workshop. I hope she visits again soon and continues on her journey with Letterpress and her collection of paper. I know anyone that receives a handmade card from Michelle should cherish her work! The time and thought she puts in is amazing and EXTRAORDINAIRE, to say the least.

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