Bespoke Letterpress

Apr 2
Souvenir Foto School.

Photography, Workshops
Mom is taking a photo class …. stay tuned for more photos of me!

Sep 30
Blue, Blue, Blue!

Suzanne + Robin = 2 fun, fun, women who loved, loved paper. You would not be able to tell they just met and spent a few hours together producing some beautiful BLUE stationery + coaster sets! I knew immediately Suzanne had a true love of paper…. a stationery distributor herself while living in the Windy City. She has this special twinkle in her eyes… a Mom to be (she needs to be thinking about some pink announcements for the new addition coming soon, HO HO HO). Can you tell Robin has a LOVE of animals? A woman of many healing talents for sure. See what her passion is here
I am always loving what Letterpress Workshop participants decide to create. Yes, BLUE pinecone coasters, truly stunning! Great job Suzanne.
Besides her Lupine stationery, Robin created this beauties to give out to her clients. WOOF!

Aug 3
Family Fun.

It is always a pleasure for me putting on a Letterpress Workshop for a mother + daughter! I knew right away how artistic they would both be when they pulled out their handmade aprons, put on gloves and got to work. What a fun day working along side them.

I loved MaDonna’s apron from the start, but I think she enjoyed wearing her gloves and getting all “inky”!

Heather knew how she wanted her stationery to look and the precision of placement was something she was really good at….

wanting to have the doggie in just the right spot …. and the end result was stunning!

Once these two had the press set up under control… watch out! They were moving + printing. I loved how they worked together as a team. I enjoyed the energy they brought to CabinPress Studio + hope they know the Studio door is always open for them in the future.

Jun 15

Michelle’s concentration amazed me!

The design Michelle came up with printed perfectly as a photopolymer plate, what a fun creation.
Ahhh… Printers Black ink, a favorite here at CabinPress Studio
That describes this Curiosity Letterpress Workshop! I love getting to know participants and how their Letterpress Love came about and Michelle truly had a special story…. when we first spoke over the phone she told me how she watched Typeface on PBS, one of my favorite documentaries telling the story of a rural Midwestern museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique of making “type”.
I felt so at home and excited to have Michelle travel to CabinPress Studio for her Workshop. I hope she visits again soon and continues on her journey with Letterpress and her collection of paper. I know anyone that receives a handmade card from Michelle should cherish her work! The time and thought she puts in is amazing and EXTRAORDINAIRE, to say the least.

May 24
Fun. Fun. Fun.

What do you get when you put 1 mom-to-be, 2 newlyweds, (or 3 best friends) together in a tiny Letterpress Printing Studio?… an afternoon of fun times, type drawers everywhere, inky fingers, laughter, and printed items GALORE!!
A green day in the Studio.

Look at all the goodies these girls made!

Smiles abound.
Courtney, Kelly, and Tracey are the type of ladies that love to have fun + enjoy each others company — all day long, simply a joy for me to be around. High energy was flowing from the Studio and the pieces each of them created were stunning and so “greenly” unique. Thanks for spending the afternoon in my world of Letterpress Printing. Come back soon!