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Feb 3
Happy Valentine’s Day Love {bug} — A Tutorial


Now that it is February I can safely put up my AirHead’s Valentine Day contest entry! I happen to read about the contest on the Alt Summit blog that I faithfully check in on, each and every day — dreaming that someday I could attend. These Love {bugs} are my entry. It is amazing what you can do with AirHeads candy if you are into crafting. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did and sharing them + popping them in your mouth too, yummy!! Oh, you can even make them into a pin or magnet and save them all year long to make you smile. Tuck some in your house plants for a spot of Colour!
You can check out (and vote!) for my entry on the AirHead’s Facebook page!

The Love {bugs} captured to be given to your Valentine
I used the Cherry AirHeads for the body and the White Mystery for the eyes
One strip can make 10 Love {bugs}. Wash hands. Cut strip into 10 slices. Put 1 slice on parchment paper and microwave for approx. 5 seconds
You can either push softened AirHead piece into a small spoon and put in freezer for approx 5 minutes, or you can roll the softened AirHead piece in between your hands to make a round little ball, make extra to pop into your mouth!
shape body. use edible ink pen for steps 6 and 7. make tiny round balls with the White Mystery AirHead bar, you will            have plenty. your Love {bug} is done. I drew some Mason Jars in Adobe Illustrator and printed them out on Kraft                heavy 81/2″ x 11″ paper and then cut them out.
use a small piece of White Mystery AirHead candy to stick the Love {bug} in the jar & ENJOY!

Aug 30
President Obama.

WOW… Mom + Dad left me to go listen to the President speak at Colorado State University! They told me it was too hot so I had to stay at home and watch the cat…. humm.

It was a really worthwhile experience to be surrounded by 13,000 people! Next time Mom will bring a “real” camera and stand next to a giant.
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Mar 17
Feb 13

With LOVE from me to you, compliments of our special friends at Dog Mountain
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Feb 1