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Aug 22
Mar 24
Love From Me…

Therapy Dogs
2011 is the first year for The Love From Me Project and Mom is participating with a special piece of art. You can read more about it here. It was inspired by the 2009 (guess which one Mom did!, hint, hint, Golden Retriever) and 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book Project. Paws For Charity raised $5,500 for breast cancer charity.

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Feb 10
Jan 5
Getting Ready.

Therapy Dogs

My human mom is getting ready for the real thing! All I can say is she will look really sharp in her new, crisp, red shirt. We have officially become Paws For Tales volunteers for Poudre School District. Did I tell you that the “tailor” stopped by the house to fit me for my Therapy Dog Vest that will be made to fit just me … I am hoping my tail does not make my butt look big!
Mom heads for training at Dunn Elementary School tomorrow. I think, from what I am hearing is that she will learn the ropes, come home and tell me, then each and every Wednesday we get to have K-3rd graders read to me. I am not aloud to correct them, just listen. I am a very good listener.

Nov 25
All Dressed Up & Ready To Go.

Therapy Dogs

What do you think? My human mom searched all the local thrift shops here with no luck on finding me a cool bow tie. This is what she came home with for me to wear on my Paws For Tails interview. Yep, flies! She could not even find a tie with ducks on it. Wish me luck!