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Dec 1
:: thankful + a very happy monday ::

CabinPress announcements
cyberHope you had a fabulous Turkey Day! Please enjoy a little gift from us by visiting our Etsy Shop today, anytime! We are letting you choose between 2 special offers:   Free Shipping or 10%off        All you have to do after placing your order is use the following Coupon Codes. INKY925    will get you FREE SHIPPING via our trusty Postal Service!       TYPE925 will get you 10% off on your ENTIRE ORDER So spread the word, they are good until December 3rd ….. what are you waiting for!

Jun 17
ready :: set :: relaunch!

CabinPress announcements, Technology
rocket_launching Well, I am truly busting at the seams for the CabinPress Studio launch of our new website any day now!  Just so you know this definitely did not happen over night! So for the next few days I want to spend some time talking about my rebranding process or as I’m calling it “The Raising of the Cabin” ha! I was lucky enough to work with three amazing designers at Ghostly Ferns, the name itself makes me smile. Be sure to show them some love and like their Facebook page too! So … as most of you have seen right now I’ve had a rebrand and facelift to our  logo/website/blog {now called The Log} and we now have our very own small business Facebook page, please head on over and Like Us! It has been quite a ride and I can’t wait to share it with you. Have you ever undertaken something huge that you are so very proud of?

Mar 4

CabinPress announcements
We have been really busy around the Studio and Mom is involved in a huge re-branding of CabinPress Studio. Here is the start of what is in store for everyone that has followed us and been involved with our little Letterpress Studio over the years. Enjoy what you see and keep an eye out for a new logo + website in the next several months. Besides having springtime just around the corner, it is an exciting time here and I wanted to thank everyone for all your purchases of our Bespoke Letterpress goodies! Are you excited for spring as much as we are?

Sep 19
Alt Summit + Autumn Luck?

CabinPress announcements, Giveaway
If I had dew claws I would have them crossed for Mom …. here is why: I secretly know she is obsessed     with Letterpress, paper blogs, photography, smart ideas and outdoor adventures to say the least. The     2013 Alt Summit, which takes place in Salt Lake City, is in it’s fourth year (28 dog years). Tickets sold out quickly.
  “For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog” and see for yourself. As with   the above New Yorker cartoon we love to Innovate here at CabinPress Studio and if Mom has some      Autumn luck she will be heading to the Alt Summit to participate with other creative
entrepreneurs. Altitude Design Summit is the place to be. Because they feed those obsessions. I can “picture” Mom doing this, so can she!

Feb 16
Calling All Cooks.

CabinPress announcements, Products
The newest product from CabinPress Studio has “launched”!
It is a beauty indeed, thanks to the Colorado Mountain Pine Beetle. Read about him here.
It is quite the package coming with extra thick dividers printed on the Century Old Printing Press, one by one!
Also included are thick Letterpress Printed recipe cards to start recording all those special recipes, they made great gifts!
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