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Sep 30
Blue, Blue, Blue!

Suzanne + Robin = 2 fun, fun, women who loved, loved paper. You would not be able to tell they just met and spent a few hours together producing some beautiful BLUE stationery + coaster sets! I knew immediately Suzanne had a true love of paper…. a stationery distributor herself while living in the Windy City. She has this special twinkle in her eyes… a Mom to be (she needs to be thinking about some pink announcements for the new addition coming soon, HO HO HO). Can you tell Robin has a LOVE of animals? A woman of many healing talents for sure. See what her passion is here
I am always loving what Letterpress Workshop participants decide to create. Yes, BLUE pinecone coasters, truly stunning! Great job Suzanne.
Besides her Lupine stationery, Robin created this beauties to give out to her clients. WOOF!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Denise, Thank you for hosting a wonderful workshop! I truly enjoyed my time with you and had SO much fun making my Lupine note cards and blue dogs! Not only did I have fun, but I learned so much about Letterpress. It is fascinating! You have a true passion for Letterpress and that shows in your work. I know our paths will cross again in another workshop or by purchasing your products.
    Sincerely, Robin Phelps

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