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Jun 26
bike to work day

Food, Tools of the trade
Bike_to_work_day Even though the Studio Office is located just “steps” from our home how could I pass up Bike To Work Day? There’s nothing like breakfast served with fresh air and sunshine – especially after a nice bike ride, or for me a way to procrastinate a tad! And that’s exactly what our town is doing today, along with many others across the US. Guesses are about 8,000 of Fort Collins’ finest will enjoy our 25th Annual Bike to Work Day. From 6:30-9:30 AM, in my opinion the best part of the day, I enjoyed only 3 of the 40 breakfast stations sponsored by 96 local businesses. Oh my God! I am lucky I made it home to rest awhile from eating so much yummy food. From fresh fruit, burritos, bagels, any type of egg you can think of, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE The Waffle Lab. It was a fun morning indeed, seeing lots of friends, sharing excellent food + conversation. By the time I peddled home to the Office, it was time to get to work and almost time for lunch. I spent the rest of the day cutting, cutting, cutting. Time to relax and stack all the paper in little neat piles in hopes that the Printing Press Fairies show up to finish the job, wish me luck! Do you have a favorite bike ride or breakfast spot? Do you get to ride or walk to your Office?

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