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Jul 29
down the trail . . . again!

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Copper Mountain segment begins

::Copper Mountain segment begins::

For the CabinPress Studio Crew, the Colorado Trail system is one of the most aesthetically remarkable and athletically challenging places to hike. A variety of terrain is covered, from snowy mountains to lush forests to meadows, stretching across half of the state of Colorado, not to mention eight mountain ranges, six national forests and five river systems. We would love for you to read about our 2012 Adventure.  For those of you interested, the trail begins at Waterton Canyon, outside of Denver, and ends in Durango in southwestern Colorado — approximately  486 miles (782 kilometers) away. Most of the trail sits more than 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level and peaks at 13,271 feet (3,045 meters). With all the research and planning over the years we realized that the toughest miles were to be in the segments we were to hike this year, I was definitely not too excited about that! Not that it was the Llama’s fault that we did not make our entire goal last year, but moving at “Llama Rate” we may have run out of food. Let’s just say this: rolling south across the Collegiate Peak foothills, this 40-mile stretch serves up the route’s loftiest mountain views, the price we paid was 28,800 feet of knee-buckling elevation gain and loss. Oh, and since I am pretty clumsy …. two falls and two pretty “fat, puffy” knees, not a pretty sight! Trail vets say to shoot for an eight- to 12-mile-per-day average, let’s just say last year with our Speechless Brothers we were lucky to get in a hefty eight miles (wink, wink…. that was a good day). With the Mooseboy being a year older and closer to his 8th birthday, we calculated 10 miles per day. After the first day when he started limping we were like over protective parents and started to worry that we would again not reach our goal. Days went by and we all got into the rhythm of the trail and 10 miles became a typical day for all of us.
Moose catching some winks

::Moose catching some winks::

Most folks we met along the trail tended to hike 18 – 20 miles per day! Even though all our gear was considered “ultra light” doing more than 10 miles would have not been good for Moose and his big feet! Do you have any special stories of long distance hikes with your family and/or special dog? We would love to hear them!    

Jul 14
Jul 10
printers blocks

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blocks_with_headsRecently we attended a local antique fair. You may know I have an extreme weakness for any type of printing goodies! I was caught by surprise when I came across this basket of wood type! I know lots of folks use these old print blocks to spell out meaningful text and dates, perhaps names, initials or words, birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding dates all which look totally unique displayed on a mantelpiece, table or shelf. If you know me or have visited CabinPress Studio, you have seen first hand our treasured collection of “type” as it is comprised of different fonts, sizes and date of manufacture, some circa late 1800’s through to 1940’s. All were used in the printing industry, so each block has a varying degree of ink and patina, and of course all of our blocks are back to front which adds to their appeal. Since we are a little letterpress shop we still use these for printing, one-by-one-by-one. These blocks are so special nowadays as most were discarded and burnt when new printing techniques came into place. Some have been found and saved, which makes them unique and collectable, so once they are gone, they are gone! If you have some wood type please don’t glue a doll head & make little metal “wings” on the “letter A”, or any other letter! It breaks my heart. Imagine the stories these vintage print blocks have told in the past ….

Jul 6
saying our goodbyes . . .

Life & Love, Moose the Golden Retriever!
You and I will meet again, when we’re least expecting it, one day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, for you and I will meet again. ~Tom Petty Moose_Emmery_2013 Our Old Town neighborhood is special to us! Our home has many memories, including pets that have been part of our lives in this 100+ year old house over time: 2 cats, 3 golden retrievers, gardens and walks every day of the year, make it a special place for us. Our homes are all so different and unique, nicely kept, and basically “very, very close” let’s just narrow it down to 10 feet apart from each other! It is a nice feeling to walk through our little neighborhood and know everyone. I hear that many folks are overjoyed to finally watch their neighbors pulling away; moving day can’t come fast enough. Not that over the years we have not listened to loud music or kids screaming, or dealt with a “student renter” who never cut the lawn! However, what if you actually like your neighbors? How do you say goodbye to the young family who entrusted you to photograph their wedding? The in love couple that was not nervous when you offered to Letterpress print their entire Wedding Suite when your very first Vintage Printing Press was not even refurbished yet? Walked many miles with a new Mom? Smiled each time they raked “our” leaves that covered our lawn from “their” Cottonwood tree? Came to our goofy parties over the years? Let their little daughter be babysat by our Moose-boy, who loved cuddling with her and eating her food! These neighbors are considered friends, maybe even family. A simple goodbye just will not do. It is no surprise that there would be tears … Leaving something so special behind is hard. We love them and will greatly miss them, but know WE WILL MEET AGAIN. Tail wags to Jamison + Courtney + Little Emm.

Jul 2
hiking candy surprise!

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turkey_jerky After hiking over a hundred miles last year along the Colorado Trail we have become connoisseurs of turkey jerky. Getting ready for the continuation of hundreds of miles this year of course I just had to get my hands on more Bulk Beef Jerky’s Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey, it is to die for! I thought my order had been made in plenty of time but I received an email from Ramone D Davis, CEO, who kindly told me they are so overwhelmed with orders ours would maybe arrive in a few weeks. I started thinking, oh my, can I really hike a hundred miles without it? I wrote to Mr. Davis as quickly as I could and told him our story and pretty much begged for some Turkey jerky, well it arrived, it is packed, and a few pieces seem to be missing….. {they were yummy…. shhhhh, wink, wink}. Well, in today’s mail look what surprise arrived, we love snail mail and this gourmet turkey jerky was a fabulous package to open! I do have to admit,  these succulent and tender strips of turkey meat take my taste buds to new heights, but my all time favorite is still the Cherry Maple. I betcha D or Moose might be chowing down on these though, what do you think? I love the directions:    Open your mouth, insert jerky, chew and smile. Thanks again Ramone for the surprise. We would love to have you share what made you smile today?