Bespoke Letterpress

Mar 11

Life & Love
Why, why, why Rebrand? This is a question we have been asking ourselves over the past year here at CabinPress Studio, it seems longer because so much has been going on “behind the presses”. Mom is finding out that Rebranding a business is not something she should take lightly. There is a lot of thought, planning, hard work and of course finances to pull off a good rebrand. A rebrand can be an evolution or a full revolution – most of the worlds best brands have undergone some form of rebranding over the years. The upshot is that when done correctly it can greatly enhance a businesses profile, increase sales and generate new interest in the company. So, my days are spent in the Studio just pondering + thinking about what the next few months will hold in store. The process has begun! What are some of your favorite Brands?

Mar 4

CabinPress announcements
We have been really busy around the Studio and Mom is involved in a huge re-branding of CabinPress Studio. Here is the start of what is in store for everyone that has followed us and been involved with our little Letterpress Studio over the years. Enjoy what you see and keep an eye out for a new logo + website in the next several months. Besides having springtime just around the corner, it is an exciting time here and I wanted to thank everyone for all your purchases of our Bespoke Letterpress goodies! Are you excited for spring as much as we are?