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Feb 14
Vintage {Love}

Tools of the trade, Vintage

Had to put in the fire plug for Dad!
I do love typewriters… I really do + of course I love type, did you notice today’s post is in Courier, in memory of the typewriter.
It does not happen often, actually, it never happens anymore, I always loved receiving mail typed on a lovely typewriter.  I love how the typos make it look like someone really typed it… not just a machine auto-correcting your spelling as you go.  I love how once you think something and type those keys it is on the page for all to see. I remember all the government forms I had to do over my career that had errors on them, yes me with errors! You can’t edit once you have written – you can only go back and xxxxxx over the words you do not want, leaving obvious scars on your work. Then there was “white out” “yellow out” and even “pink out” for all the carbon sheets. Wow, what a trip down memory lane. I do love typewriters still.
How about you? If you still use one please send us a letter, we love
seeing XXXXX’s and you could even add some OOOOO’s. Tail wags + Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Feb 3
Happy Valentine’s Day Love {bug} — A Tutorial


Now that it is February I can safely put up my AirHead’s Valentine Day contest entry! I happen to read about the contest on the Alt Summit blog that I faithfully check in on, each and every day — dreaming that someday I could attend. These Love {bugs} are my entry. It is amazing what you can do with AirHeads candy if you are into crafting. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did and sharing them + popping them in your mouth too, yummy!! Oh, you can even make them into a pin or magnet and save them all year long to make you smile. Tuck some in your house plants for a spot of Colour!
You can check out (and vote!) for my entry on the AirHead’s Facebook page!

The Love {bugs} captured to be given to your Valentine
I used the Cherry AirHeads for the body and the White Mystery for the eyes
One strip can make 10 Love {bugs}. Wash hands. Cut strip into 10 slices. Put 1 slice on parchment paper and microwave for approx. 5 seconds
You can either push softened AirHead piece into a small spoon and put in freezer for approx 5 minutes, or you can roll the softened AirHead piece in between your hands to make a round little ball, make extra to pop into your mouth!
shape body. use edible ink pen for steps 6 and 7. make tiny round balls with the White Mystery AirHead bar, you will            have plenty. your Love {bug} is done. I drew some Mason Jars in Adobe Illustrator and printed them out on Kraft                heavy 81/2″ x 11″ paper and then cut them out.
use a small piece of White Mystery AirHead candy to stick the Love {bug} in the jar & ENJOY!