Bespoke Letterpress

Oct 17
Bad Hair Day.

Life & Love, Travel
With the change of season here the wind is out of control today! Don’t you just hate it when everything is flying around and you have to be careful not to be hit with lawn furniture or a trash can, or worse yet sticks in your hair.

As we head out to the Studio to work on some big printing projects we just smile and are glad it is an indoor type of day! Enjoy your day too. Dad took these photos during our Alpaca Ranch visit last month.

Oct 3

Printing, Technology, Tools of the trade


Old-fashioned, outdated or obsolete. WOW, I never thought what I do is obsolete! So many         folks ask me about the ages of my Printing Presses so I thought I would introduce you to the           “pretty production princess” of CabinPress Studio. I would like you to meet my Old-fashioned      printing press, Sequoia. She is a beauty indeed, an Old Style Chandler & Price, circa 1884.           She came to us from California, hence the name. D + friends now are “experienced” movers            and I would highly recommend the group for any 1500 pound moving jobs in your future!
If you look close you can see my Periodic Table of Typefaces … more on that disaster later!

Oct 2
twenty SEVEN year itch.

Life & Love
27 years ago, my life changed. Surrounded by of our closest friends and family, I walked into the Cabin to marry my best friend on a {heavy} snow filled Autumn day in the mountains. One of the few things I remember in that moment was realizing the time was right. After dating for two years, spending thousands in phone bills {cell phones — what the heck were those, we made our calls on a rotary phone!!!}, driving miles + miles, to + from Grand Canyon National Park, we were ready to become each others counterbalance. Twenty Seven years into my marriage, I’m itching. Itching to get closer to Doug!

If I knew then what I know now, I’d sprint into his arms and shout I DO because the last twenty seven years have been made of the stuff dreams are made of. Sort of like a glitter covered chocolate bar, only better!
Doug, I love you. Thank you for being the better part of me. Happy Anniversary!