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Sep 19
Alt Summit + Autumn Luck?

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If I had dew claws I would have them crossed for Mom …. here is why: I secretly know she is obsessed     with Letterpress, paper blogs, photography, smart ideas and outdoor adventures to say the least. The     2013 Alt Summit, which takes place in Salt Lake City, is in it’s fourth year (28 dog years). Tickets sold out quickly.
  “For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog” and see for yourself. As with   the above New Yorker cartoon we love to Innovate here at CabinPress Studio and if Mom has some      Autumn luck she will be heading to the Alt Summit to participate with other creative
entrepreneurs. Altitude Design Summit is the place to be. Because they feed those obsessions. I can “picture” Mom doing this, so can she!

Sep 18

Life & Love
I never knew my Dad way back when “film cameras” were all the rage! Here he is at his Firefighter Graduation.
Here is my Dad today! I am glad he will be around all the time now to pet me. He is my Hero.
Moose SignatureThere is a whole new kind of life ahead, full of experiences just waiting to happen. Some call it “retirement.” I call it bliss. — Betty Sullivan