Bespoke Letterpress

Aug 23
Six = Fourty Two

Today I am Six! The hills are alive with the Sound of Moose… Mom + Dad spoiled me rotten with LOTS of wheat free treats… WOOF + tail wags to all.

Aug 4
Conference Time.

Mom is attending the very first ever, Ladies of Letterpress Conference. I don’t understand why she has to leave when she can stay here and pet me and work in the Studio all day long?
You can read about it here.

Aug 3
Family Fun.

It is always a pleasure for me putting on a Letterpress Workshop for a mother + daughter! I knew right away how artistic they would both be when they pulled out their handmade aprons, put on gloves and got to work. What a fun day working along side them.

I loved MaDonna’s apron from the start, but I think she enjoyed wearing her gloves and getting all “inky”!

Heather knew how she wanted her stationery to look and the precision of placement was something she was really good at….

wanting to have the doggie in just the right spot …. and the end result was stunning!

Once these two had the press set up under control… watch out! They were moving + printing. I loved how they worked together as a team. I enjoyed the energy they brought to CabinPress Studio + hope they know the Studio door is always open for them in the future.

Aug 2
Cool Copper.

What a great day with a fun family! I was truly im{press}ed with Craig knowing about movable Type. I think his Mom + Aunt were im{press}ed too. I have been printing a lot with pink for special orders, so it was so refreshing to have this Workshop pick Metallic Copper. It was truly a fun day and I am sure they will be displaying lots of coasters and sending out some very special stationery to friends. Thanks again to all and I hope you come again!