Bespoke Letterpress

May 24
Fun. Fun. Fun.

What do you get when you put 1 mom-to-be, 2 newlyweds, (or 3 best friends) together in a tiny Letterpress Printing Studio?… an afternoon of fun times, type drawers everywhere, inky fingers, laughter, and printed items GALORE!!
A green day in the Studio.

Look at all the goodies these girls made!

Smiles abound.
Courtney, Kelly, and Tracey are the type of ladies that love to have fun + enjoy each others company — all day long, simply a joy for me to be around. High energy was flowing from the Studio and the pieces each of them created were stunning and so “greenly” unique. Thanks for spending the afternoon in my world of Letterpress Printing. Come back soon!

May 10
Spring Cleaning!

California Job case “out of control” and in need of some serious tender loving care.
Mom LOVES spring cleaning. She is going over the top, don’t you think?
Now that is what I love to see!
As you can see, cleaning and organizing a type case is clearly not my favorite past time in the world. I just quietly wait until we can organize my Tennis Ball collection!  

May 9
Happy Mom’s Day Present.

What a splendid Mother’s Day present! I had such a fabulous time with Nancy + Jill and watching them work with each other and print some very, very special stationery. What a nice gift to have your Mom fly in and surprise her with something she truly had not been able to guess! I look forward to a longer visit next time and a return visit to the Studio for non stop printing. Happy Mother’s Day to All.
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