Bespoke Letterpress

Feb 17
Letterpress Printing Workshops – Calendar

Welcome! Thanks for your Living Social voucher purchase and I look forward to meeting you at a Workshop. Please send me an email:  to register or call me at: 970.231.2065. You can see Letterpress Workshop dates and times to the right by clicking on the calendar.
Here is a quick reference list:
2/22 6-8pm (FULL), 3/5 12-2pm (FULL), 3/12 10-12noon, 3/14 10-noon (FULL) or 1-3pm(1 spot),
3/19 3-5pm(FULL), 3/23 12-2pm(FULL) or 6-8pm (FULL), 3/28 12-2pm(FULL), 3/30 6-8pm(FULL), 4/6 12-2pm (FULL), 4/8 6-8pm (FULL), 4/10 2-4pm (FULL), 4/17 2-4pm, 4/24 2-4pm,  5/7 12noon-2pm (FULL), 5/22 12-2pm(FULL)

Workshops are always being added to suit your schedule, just contact me.