Bespoke Letterpress

Feb 26
My Birthday Girl.


Today is my human mom’s Birthday, she sure is stylish with that monkey, don’t you think??! I have never seen her with that hairdo I must say. But, I can tell you this … the monkey sits on a shelf in our home and mom does not look a day over WOOF, WOOF. Mom shares her birthday with Grand Canyon National Park, established February 26, 1919, a place she was a Park Ranger for many special years. We are going to have fun today, dad has lots of plans and I get to celebrate too.


“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”    

A.A. Milne

Feb 25
Closing In.

Someone received a Birthday present in the mail yesterday! Hummm, something is up. I love nibbling on wrapping paper, I love opening gifts and getting new birds to add to my flock. I helped opening this one and then Mom, quick as lightening, snatched some sticks and string away from me as fast as she could and put them out of my sniffer range. Moms birthday is
 getting close! 

Feb 24
Feb 23
Today I Saw.

In memory of author James Herriot Scot …. one of my mom’s favorite books
All Creatures Great & Small died at 78 in 1995. Maybe that is why I never ever chase this guy who is always in my yard. 
Moose Signature

Feb 20
Extra Love Day.

Every February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Mom & Dad truly love us every day, so today is extra special. Mom takes me walking every day because I have lots of energy. Maybe we will bring Sheldon with us for this special day…. as you can see he does not have lots of energy, go figure!