Bespoke Letterpress

Dec 26
Catnip Love.


We all need a bit of pampering, and that goes for your cat too. After all, being the Second Best Friend in the world is not easy.

Dec 25
Merry Christmas.

Our wish to you … may you be able to spend time with those you love and enjoy life … take your furry friends for long walks & hikes, go ice skating, make a snowman, take photos and make memories. We’d like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! We’ll see you all in 2010…enjoy the season!!!

Dec 24
Dec 18
In The Mood.

My mom and dad are in the mood, the Christmas mood that is! Last weekend we all loaded up and headed to the mountains to look for the perfect tree. WOW, what a fun time for me. Running through the woods is one of my many talents. I was put in charge of “branch pick up”. I took my job seriously and managed to not let one single branch pass me by without nibbling, chewing, or eating it. This is what mom made with all the extra branches that adorns our front door.

Dec 7