Bespoke Letterpress

May 26
Can I Ride In It?

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

My human mom is looking for a trailer that I would like. I hope she finds one soon so I can go bike riding with her! Maybe she will win one, keep your dew claws crossed for us!
Tail Wags To All.

May 3
On Guard.


My mom and dad left me home alone while they went on a shopping & movie trek. I was sad not to go, but got in a good nap during their absence. I was so excited because they brought me home a surprise…. Guess what it is??? Yes, since it is spring here in Colorado, they gave me a Robin to add to my Flock!!
My dad leaves tomorrow for Oregon to take photos, I am going to put all my songbirds in his suitcase to keep him company, I hope he will be surprised, but not charged extra if his bag is over the weight limit.